The Career Architecture Program

One-on-One Coaching
If you are looking to uplevel your career and get ready for your next role, our highly successful Career Architecture Program is for you! This program will provide you with clarity for your next steps and then outfit you with the tools, e.g., a new resume, LinkedIn Profile, and One-on-One Interview Prep Coaching with our team of expert career coaches and recruiters. We will partner with you to get your desired job offer and help you negotiate the deal! Schedule a Free Consultation to find out if you want a comprehensive solution.

STARR Interview Prep for Tech Leaders

One-on-One Coaching
If you have an important interview coming up with a focus on Software Engineering, or Data Engineering Leadership, get ready with our expert Interview Success Prep Coaches in seven 60 min One-on-One Coaching Sessions and Mock Interviews customized to your needs. PLUS we will assist you with your Offer Negotiation when you receive your job offer. Schedule a Free Consultation to find out if this Quick Interview Prep program is right for you.

The 7-Step STARR Interview Preparation

Free Online Course
Interviewing requires much more than going through your resume and giving a few examples of your work. In this free course, you will learn how to nail your next interview with the help of Mindset Coach Ron Nash and Co-Founder of the Get Hired Now Network, Nicole Nash. Each information-filled session is a 5-15 minutes recorded video master class. You will be ready for your interview cycle.