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We are Joint Strategic Alliances (JSA Global) AND Get Hired Now Programs (GHN) because we believe recruiting and career coaching are inseparable.

We close the gap between employers’ recruiting efforts and highly qualified, interview process prepared candidates…

As recruiters, we help companies reduce the number of candidates interviewed for each role by up to 57%, saving time, money, and energy during the hiring process.

As coaches, we serve tech professionals making $250k- 1M+ per year through the interview loop to maximize their scope, scale, and impact as leaders while raising their salaries by 20-200%.

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Why Partner With Us?

Trusted by brands like Amazon, Meta, Google, Cruise, Adobe, LinkedIn, Disney, TikTok, Sony, Workday, Proofpoint, Microsoft Samsung, Microsoft, The Anthony Robbins Companies, Herbalife, Cross Border Xpress, and others to build high-performing teams, we have over two decades of experience in technical and leadership recruiting.

What makes us unique is that we have a private network of confidential job seekers who are onsite-ready and STARR trained to succeed in the technical interview loop. When we facilitate an introduction for our coaching clients to meet top-tier tech companies, JSA Global candidates increase their chances of getting hired by up to 63% based on their successful interview cycle preparedness. As a candidate, you will receive access to our private networking community, uplevel your interview tool kit, and meet top-tier tech companies upon successful completion of the program.

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