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About us

Unparalleled expertise

Our founders, Divya Shivaprasad and Coach Ron Nash, bring decades of proven experience scaling tech giants and coaching global leaders.

Holistic strategy

We combine cutting-edge recruiting with executive coaching to ensure candidates fit your skills and culture.

Network of top talent

Access proven innovators and leaders in tech, carefully assessed for their expertise and values alignment.

AI-powered optimization

Streamline processes and eliminate bias with technology that identifies the best for your unique needs.

Why Choose Us?

Let us help you build the team that sets new benchmarks in the tech industry.

We help you hire for your long-term vision, not just immediate needs.

We understand that culture starts with your people – how you hire, engage, and develop them.

Our approach is a strategic investment, not a transactional cost.

Talent Partnerships

Divya and Ron leverage their combined expertise to craft winning talent strategies that propel your tech journey forward.


Coach Ron Nash​

Entrepreneur, LinkedIn Career Strategist, and Inspirational Speaker Coach Ron Nash (CRN) leverages his innovative combination of social technology, career coaching, and mentoring to help redefine how professionals climb the career ladder in the 21st century.

Coach Divya

Specialty: Talent Acquisition

Divya Shivaprasad

A seasoned leader with over 14 years of experience building top-tier tech teams at companies like Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Airbnb, and Silicon Valley start-ups. Divya’s passion lies in fostering inclusive, high-performing environments where talent thrives. Her science-backed approach guarantees a strategic fit between talent and culture, ensuring long-term success.

Specialty: Talent Partner

Matt Carpenter

Matt is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in corporate human capital, specializing in talent acquisition. He now leverages his extensive leadership development background as a GHN Hiring Network Talent Partner, connecting top talent with exciting opportunities.

Streamline Your Critical Hiring Needs with GHN's Managed Recruiting

Source qualified candidates for Critical Roles (Manager, Sr. Manager, Director, and VP) with national reach and hybrid-friendly options.


A fully managed team with a Senior Technical Recruiter, Client Manager, and Technical Sourcer.

Seamless integration with your internal workflow and feedback loops.

GHN seamlessly integrates into your company’s recruiting processes and merges that with proven hiring strategies that scale your organization to new heights. Candidate success: Fully Vetted Candidates, Interview prep, onboarding support, and 90-day follow-up for optimal candidate fit and retention.


More qualified candidates joining your team who are motivated and engaged towards your mission.

Aligning your hiring goals with your company’s objectives.

Reduced redundancies and inefficiencies.

GHN Managed Recruiting Model

Benefits of GHN Managed Recruiting Model Over Standard Recruiting Fee


The GHN model provides a flat monthly fee and discounted placement fees, resulting in significant cost savings compared to the standard recruiting fee structure.

With a flat monthly fee, your recruiting expenses are predictable and can be budgeted more effectively.

GHN’s full lifecycle candidate management ensures a comprehensive and hands-on approach to recruitment, covering all stages of the hiring process.

The guarantee of interview-ready candidates and the emphasis on trusted hiring partners reflect a commitment to delivering high-quality candidates.


GHN offers pricing transparency, allowing you to effectively understand and control your recruitment costs.

In summary, the GHN Managed Recruiting Model offers a cost-effective, comprehensive, and transparent alternative to the traditional standard recruiting fee structure, providing additional value through its dedicated services and discounted placement fees.

  • Shorten your time to fill critical roles.

Focus on core responsibilities while GHN manages recruiting.

  • Get access to a pre-vetted pool of top talent.
  • Streamlined process for both candidates and your team.

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