Strategically Aligning
Super-STARR Candidates
with Top Tier Companies

Brand Partnerships

For 2+ decades, we have partnered with
international companies to source and
coach talent to career success.

JSA Global & GHN have integrated the missing element of recruiting companies by providing onsite ready interview preparation through their client customized 1:1 candidate
STARR – 7 Step Interview Prep coaching.

Our Guiding Values:

Equity Involves Everyone

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is meant to include… everyone. We promote diversity throughout our sourcing, coaching, hiring, and communication practices.

STARRs are Made, Not Found.

The STARR interview framework underpins all of our career coaching, saving hiring managers time and providing candidates a way to win at the interview loop. ​

Network is Net Worth.

Community building is what we do best! By curating a private talent network, we have access to job seekers who are privately and confidentially seeking new roles.

Achievement. ​

We believe in creating wins for all through everything we do. We are your partner in recruiting as well as for candidates seeking to uplevel their careers.

Meet Our Founders:​

Founder and CEO

Coach Ron Nash​

Entrepreneur, LinkedIn Career Strategist, and Inspirational Speaker Coach Ron Nash (CRN) leverages his innovative combination of social technology, career coaching, and mentoring to help redefine how professionals climb the career ladder in the 21st century.


Coach Nicole Nash​

Nicole co-founded the Get Hired Now (GHN) Career Network in 2015 as a subdivision of Joint Strategic Alliances (JSA) Global Recruiting. High-net-worth candidates join to have their job search, networking, and STARR interview preparedness intersect. Nicole has built strategic alliances with global corporations, top recruiters, expert career coaches, and business consultants.

Meet Our All-STARR
Core Team:

Head of STARR and Behavioral Processes

Coach Rita Carton

As a Walt Disney Studios Executive for 16 years, Coach Rita hired, coached and mentored her team, teammates and peers for continuous improvement and advancement.

Head of Technical Recruitment

Coach Nikki Woodall

Niki is a recruiter at Facebook with more than a decade of diverse experience. She has served non-profits designated under the U.S. State Department, EdTech companies, start-ups, and more.

Head of Vision Path

Coach Cassie Shea

Cassie brings 10 years of experience in digital, tech, and media – primarily working with high-growth startups in operations, human resources, business development, and communications.

Head of Personal Product Management

Coach Jor Amster

With over 20 years of experience creating, leading, and managing high-performing global teams, Jor’s forte stems from 12+ years of cross-fitting and 20 years of management. He enables companies to dynamically move from healthy to fit, meeting and exceeding strategic goals.

Head of Engineering, AI/ML, Cloud, System Design

Coach Erdem Kemik

20+ years in technology leadership in international roles, building and developing engineering teams to solve the most challenging industry problems by applying AI, Machine Learning on Cloud at large scale.

Head of Data and Business Intelligence Training

Coach Zhe Liu

Coach Zhe is a creative, results-oriented problem solver in the data and analytics space. He is adept at building collaborative and empowered teams to implement data pipelines, analysis, visualization, and data products using a variety of technologies.

Head of Personal Branding

Coach Keith Joeris

Keith has 30 years of experience as an executive hiring manager at companies such as NetApp, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, IBM, and Kodak.

Recruitment Account Manager

Mary Shane Santos

Shane’s passion for arts, planning, managing, and organizing is supreme. She has a decade of experience in customer service, management, and leadership. She oversees projects designed to achieve the company’s mission and strategic vision.

Technical Recruiter

Alleen Joy Obena

As a strategic thinking Technical Recruiter, AJ brings best practice principles and authentic engagement to each retained search.

Her 10+ years of experience as a service desk analyst and customer service representative make her a valuable asset to the JSA Global Recruiting division.

Staffing Consultant / Technical Recruiter

Sunny Nash

Sunny is a natural and engaging people person who brings a positive, warm, and professional demeanor to work. She cultivates relationships with new and existing clients to fulfill their talent acquisition goals. At JSA Global Recruiting she partakes in the full-cycle staffing processes which include seeking out qualified and senior talent through a variety of resources and platforms, sourcing and screening resumes, and set-up of onsite and virtual interviews. She is dedicated to candidate advocacy in the technology market.

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